Important Information For All Our Customers - Verso Hotel


Please note that according to government recommendations, there will be no housekeeping of the room during your stay.

You will find a transparent bag in the luggage rack drawer, to exchange used towels and sheets for clean ones. Just call the front desk by dialling 0 on your room phone, then ask for this service. You can also call the reception for any other request.

For more information regarding sanitary measures, click here.

Food Service
Discover the delicious Kóz bistro located in the hotel!
To book your table, call 819 843-6714 or click here.


Wireless internet is included for the duration of your stay. Here is the info to connect to the WiFi:
Name: Verso_Koz
Password: verso2022


The fireplace is controlled by the thermostat nearby.

Air Conditioning

Please keep the patio door closed when the air conditioning is on so that the cooling is optimal.


At all times, it is forbidden to smoke on the premises of the establishment, terraces and balconies included. You must obey the Tobacco Control Act. Smoking is also prohibited within a radius of 9 metres from all doors, windows that open and air intakes communicating with an enclosed area where smoking is prohibited.


Bathrobes are available for your entire stay. You want to leave the hotel with your own Versō robe? The robes are $119, ask for them at the front desk!


Eco-responsibility means making sure to adopt and advocate responsible practices on a daily basis with a view to collective improvement of the quality of life and preservation of the environment. By making strategic decisions in terms of sustainable development, companies and organizations demonstrate through their eco-responsible practices a concrete contribution to sustainable development. They thus reduce their ecological impact and improve their value chain.

The Versō hotel aims to follow this principle. The use of paper in the establishment is kept to a minimum. Our employees work with ecological cleaning products to keep the premises clean at all times.

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