Kóz Bistro - Verso Hotel

A Journey in Its Own Right!

In this bistro it’s summer all year long! Discover a delicious Mediterranean menu presented in a retro-chic decor that’s a mix of South Beach and Manhattan. Enjoy aromatic, colourful dishes inspired by Greek and Turkish cuisine in a warm and friendly ambiance. Generous servings that are even better when shared in good company!

Kóz is more than just a restaurant meal. Kóz is an experience, a journey. You will travel without even leaving the table! In addition, many dishes are designed to accommodate intolerances and allergies.

To provide you with a top-notch experience, our team of professional and attentive servers will be happy to guide you throughout the meal by explaining the spices, the research around the dishes you will taste and by recommending meals that suit your mood. Our sommelier will find wines for you that pair perfectly with the meals you choose. And if you want to try the complete Kóz experience, opt for the tasting menu! Indulge in our extensive wine menu and popular cocktails.

Discover Kóz bistro

Enjoy your breakfast at Kóz!

After a comfortable night at the hotel, stop by the Kóz bistro for a Mediterranean breakfast.