Versō Hotel | Lac Memphrémagog | Magog, Estrie

Embrace the
Versō Experience

Versō hotel, a new experience brought to you by PAL+! A location like no other. An outstanding view of Lake Memphremagog. A delightful, serene environment not far from the excitement of urban life. 54 rooms with a mid-century modern design, inspired by the ’50s and ’60s.

Plan your next vacation, your couple’s nature getaway or your business meetings in one of the most beautiful tourist regions of Quebec. Memories you’ll cherish forever!


Map of Versō hotel and activities

What’s a Boutique Hotel?

A concept that began in the ’80s, a boutique hotel has a unique style and personality based on a concept or theme that sets it apart from the competition.

A boutique hotel is to a standard hotel what an original boutique is to a standardized chain store.

A World
to Discover

On foot, by bike or in a car, the surrounding area offers you a world of possibilities. You can choose to visit the city or the entire region! A short walk from the hotel, downtown Magog is yours to enjoy. Explore the delightful restaurants, artisan businesses, regional food products and much more.

Want to be active? Hiking trails, bike paths and waterways will fulfill your adventurous spirit. After a day in the great outdoors, you’ll surely be ready for a good meal. If you want to discover new flavours in the comfort of your hotel, Kóz bistro invites you on a delightful culinary journey without even leaving the table!

Do you prefer exploring by car? There’s no telling where the road will lead you. Vineyards, art galleries, museums, concerts, movie theatres, restaurants and performances of all kinds, local products and heritage sites – the region has so much to offer!

Our Rooms


The Confō

All the comfort you need in a lakeside room: a king-size bed and a modern bathroom with shower. Enjoy the breeze off the lake from your terrace or balcony.


The Panō

The Panōramic room gives you views of Lake Memphremagog as far as the eye can see! Don’t miss a second of the incredible sunsets over the lake.

Classics 11-05-2021

The Duō

Accommodating up to 4 people, this room features a duo of queen-size beds on the lakeside with a view of the Memphremagog lake.


The Studiō

A large loft-like room with an incomparable view of the lake. What more can you ask for? A cozy king-size bed! Ideal for two people.


The Versō

The ultimate experience! This spacious unit with a view of the Memphremagog lake and the Mont-Orford features a fireplace, a large balcony, a good-sized lounge space and a generous bathroom.

A Unique Setting
and Tailor-Made Events

For a business retreat, a meeting with your clients, a strategic meeting or for any other reason for getting together, our fully equipped function room offers you all the features you need. With a breathtaking view of Lake Memphremagog, it’s the perfect solution for successful business meetings.

For a birthday or a family reunion, the delightful setting of our function room, configured for receptions, is your guarantee for lasting memories.

You and your guests will be able to enjoy Mediterranean-style meals crafted by the Chef at Kóz bistro.

Our team of experts will do everything possible to make your event a success. Let them take care of the organizing—you’ll come out the winner! We design custom events that fulfill your craziest wishes. A hassle-free, turnkey service.

Got an event coming up? Contact us.

A gourmet dinner at Kóz

A Journey
in its Own Right


In this bistro, it’s summer all year round! Discover a delicious Mediterranean menu presented in a retro-chic decor that’s a mix of South Beach and Manhattan. Popular cocktails, private import wines and attentive service await you.

For a snack to go, stop at LeKómptoir.

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Hotel Versō vue of lake Memphremagog

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